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The Rebirth of Earth Civilization –  light Cities, Light Houses Chapter two

The Rebirth of Earth Civilization –  light Cities, Light Houses Chapter two

As our collective perception on the Creator/ God /Universe has been evolved and expanded from outer source  reality to inner force reality,  all layers of separation, duality and polarity have been dissolving in light of One.

Our experiences from a 5 sensory humans also have entered a high speed integration of light within physical to assist this transformation which many called it  “Divine embodiment”. The Aquarius era   feels like the beginning of a new adventure into mystery of creation, collaboration in universal boundless  ocean of consciousness.

How could we perceive and understand divine will design for this time and space, in this galactical phenomenon happening in our universe which includes the evolution in human mind/heart system? to allow this divinely orchestrated upgrade in life system on earth and beyond.

The geometry Blueprint of life system as many introduced it as flower of life and some other designs reflects how light, pure consciousness  works in physical reality as it follows Divine Organization geometric design, the fabric of existence and non-existence, born and unborn.

Physical manifestation like non -form Creation already designed  as light geometric template of frequency on Mother board God.

 Light encoded information carries  certain structures, codes and instructions and in alignment between formless ( Divine will ) and form ( Earth Body include all livings), light templates will become active, first as a frequency band ( Evolution higher dimensional reality, peace, freedom,..), then through stabilizing one octave, into physical manifestation ( Light Cities, Light Houses,..), the birth of Crystalline Civlization.

That is why since 2020, it has become so challenging for our avatars if we carry any untrue, None purified part, in our physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. The difference of frequency in our whole ( form/body, fromless/soul) immediately reflects in the outer world as a drama, chaos, suffering, old program, unwanted reflection, pain in body,  to make us “Notice”, änd as we continue to observe in and out, seeing without judgment of in and out, creates a door way for entry of the higher frequency and as our avatars’cells constantly upgrading though Heart Dimond Sun, it becomes easier and faster, to accept and let go of lower frequency within and then suddenly, we find ourselves into a complete new Cycle which is infused by Light Electron originated from Divine Will.

This new Cycle began it is merge into a full network  from the beginning of 2021/January. For all Forerunners it was a noticeable shift within and even though outer might have still appeared the same, individually a full reboot took place to make them ready for roles and relocations, also merge into new groups if it is a compulsory part in New Earth Template Design.

For New Earth (Heaven on Earth) manifestation into physical reality for all Humanity,   we individually  have to choose and move into higher frequency ( Surrendering to what it is ) and allow the new dimensional light codes unveil and become active and then collectively we are moved to complete  the geometry spiral design/ frequency bands of light required in Now Space reality (which is like a section of Motherboard CPU ) to come in alignment with  our Universe, to collaborate  with Galactical Upgrade.

It is so helpful that we invented computers, as this is exactly a reflection of how we as human are positioned in the game of the world, to understand and allow transcendental evolution, like a modules and chips in a computer, reboot and upgraded in software, some  hardware also replaced  to become a complete new operational system ( life system).

If you can use this example to perceive, it will be much easier to understand the operation of God/Universal life and how we are playing our roles and how in light of this collective ascension everything is moving faster as frequency of light/ Hologram ( because our hearts are open and  all conditional minds program and ego operations can be observed by true self ).

Our human civilization also is falling into the natural flow of this hologram ( consciously (awake Avatars, higher dimension reality) or unconsciously( sleepwalkers, 3 dimension).

How we rebirth and transform into Crystalline Civilization?

So the world is the mirror of self and we as the creator, mirror of Divine Self.

Life is a holographic and Geometry Mother Board template.

New Earth is a higher reality of a faster template program/ pure consciousness within Mother Board.

The difference between Earth as we know it and the New Earth we are thriving to experience is Frequency bands that collectively is in transformation, to transcend into a Galactical physical reality.

Galactical reality is exactly like Star wars movies, without the war. 😊

Unity between life systems across our planet, solar system, milky way and galaxy and when we are collectively ready to receive a much higher frequency, we will have encounters from outer galaxies. This  still take place in manifested physical reality.

It is within this structure with Cosmic Matrix that our avatars movements across the planet is forming. The birth of light cities and light houses templates for Galactical education. To move from conditional perceived reality to boundless ocean of possibilities, as we gain power over our inner frequencies, to stay in observant mode, our heart works like a divine compass and show the direction of flow ( divine will), and the personality, ego operation is fully disabled ( but never can be removed fully), we move as a neutral avatars and play our roles along the natural order of One.

A while back, we also mentioned One Foundation with co-operation with light houses and light cities activation templates.

The One foundation is the Mother Template for New Earth manifestation through frequencies.

The soul groups that are placed on Earth  to be the Activator Avatars are Master Builders of Blue rays. However, to birth the Heaven’s pure frequency ( Ethereal Energy), these avatars have been moved periodically to locations on earth, that their Whole magnetic field with Earth magnetic field merge and birth a portal that transfers and transmutes Galactical Frequency ( their Galactic Self and Earth Galactic ( New Earth Frequencies.)

This is a bit difference in this role than gridwork and gatekeeping, which mostly took place before 2020, this is a new activation through these avatars as we collectively achieved a higher frequency.

They are One Foundation Mother Board Embodiment, to birth the Galactic Frequency Station in certain Region on Body of Earth, link past, present and future of Human Civilization consciousness through time and timeless, clear all lower frequencies and Stabilize in stillness, to Be a Centre Magnetic point in the holographic energy network of that region on earth.

The one foundation is the holographic frequency template of  body of light houses, Galactical educational centres, and light cities.

Cities and locations on earth that reflects strong difference in frequency, high and low, due to bloodshed, injustice, violence, historical wounds, like los Angels, New York, Tokyo, London, Johannesburg, Berlin, Moscow,  Istanbul, Cairo, as well as regions, especially  Middle East,  North Africa, Western Europe,  Spain, Germany, England, South America, Mexico, Greece ,… which hold the old frequency of ancient human civilization.

Those locations are the frequency agricultural lands for future of Earth/ New Earth and require much light work and presence of Mother ships pure Consciousness  are  noticeable to assist local lightworkers as well as Master Builder Avatar groups to keep rising and stabilizing  the highest frequency.

2021 is the year that light houses are partially begin to shape across the planet which appears as more permanent base, in a certain area and location. Could be for individual(s) or small group.

we also collectively arriving to a level that manifest and create some sort of Light centres and Institutional light education. Which again shapes as divine will brings the align souls together locally, to assist the rise of consciousness within their communities, or travel between counties.

The centres are not involve with healing or work with 3D people, it is like an interlevel template for awaken communities to begin their work together as a first step toward Galactic way of life, being in the world and not of the world.

In the next chapter, we would like to express our own position and role as Seraphim Joy Foundation, what feels our current steps and movements as a light collaborator.

Also hopefully a new mailing system as seems wordpress platform has not covered  readers without wordpress account fully to join our mailing list

Seraphim Joy Foundation

4 July 2021

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