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New Earth Articles – Human Nova

Rebirth of Earth Civilization – Human Nova Chapter one

Our physical reality is a perceived reality, that has been built and shaped through our human body creation since the beginning of our civilization on earth. Now, through Collective Ascension and transformation, upgrade and even alteration in our Solar System this software which even for many still at level of hardware part has entered toits final  removal  stage to assist the New Earth birth of life and energy templates.

We as awaken forerunners, are power points of a new earth reality which is no longer can be perceived by old ways and human circuit of mind and projections.

We are in our baby steps and  training to adapt to state of Divine self, while collectively crossing through this Human Nova storm to full transcendental reality of Unity, life of One.

This has never been known and experiencing as collective awakening. What does it really mean?

How we no longer see and perceive physical when it is in front of our eyes?

While lifetimes this way of seeing is our habit of relating, loving, existence really. How a lifetimes of projections and evaluation as a compulsory sense will be removed and replaced?

If you are on this page, you already know and experienced your true self as a living frequency and vibration, in constant upgrade to a higher speed ( light, purity, oneness, wholeness, peace, love,…), living from heart, have developed a boundless inner space for silence, just presence, also hopefully have been practiced some sort of self- inquiry system that no longer needs to believe anything and anyone outside of Self. By now, the Witness is fully active in Observer position of All happenings in and out.

 You can look within and see the reality of what you are, without be confused by the extension device ( Body of Earth and Humanity).

The best example happened this morning, it has been a problem with wifi speed in current residence and when the service man came to fix it, through the test and experience, we realized the frequency of waves (Speed) is  higher ( double) from the mother box to the extension booster that is placed in middle of hallway ( due the weakness of frequency and distance to Mother box ( in living room). And  all devices were connected with extension and function with lower speed.

In our Human experience, the outer world is the extension device and for lifetimes we programmed and conditioned to see and react, respond and be fully be engaged with it through actions. And at some point it is vital as a secondary device, however the purpose of Human experience is to be fully connect to Mother Box, the Source of All frequencies, the higher reality of formless existence, Soul of One.

2021 has been a year so far hard to explain as one observes and go layer by layer, it seems it is a kind of summing up all our experiences in this Human body as a Storm in  Human Nova to completely reflect where there is an undiscovered connection with secondary device ( Body of Earth/physical/the world/Maya/Illusion) and frequency is lower than can join the rest of this movement into empowering of NEW EARTH Frequency templates, so our collective creation will be linked to BEing  of One than Doing of One ( lets get together create new earth).

As this is all divinely orchestrated, each part of whole ( each soul and its highest frequency band/ purpose and mission) has no choice but let go of any energy link with the Mirror and all outer Projections into Others, Tasks, Action plans even for the sake of purpose and mission) all has to really evaluate by inner observant, so no back door be left open for ego to hijack the original and replaced by secondary that is always self- serving, blinded by arrogance or ignorance somehow which still triggers some sort of believe about the outer world and projects into others.

At 3D human level this is the result of separation, but at level of awaken Avatars  this is due to unrecognised link to secondary device ( Body of Earth ) and not The Mother Board God.

If heart is humble and open to mystery of Divine will, then all peacefully connects or disconnects, as the purpose in not about unity with outer world but with the Creator of all, at all frequency bands in one Soul, one Body, One experience, One happening.

We are truly a boundless space, just a position to witness, and as nature flows collaborate with the Source which is who we are, without taking pride or believe we are a doer of New Earth rebirth.

This reprogram for entire cosmos is beyond our mind grasping, or imagination. Our role now and forever, is to be in present, in Now, be empty so we can see ourselves layer by layer empty, so divine will flow moves us effortless to what serves the creator.

When heart is pure there is a full access to Visions for NewEarth, Linear Earth, even galaxies. The possibilities are unlimited, our existence is to follow the script that only we require to play in present moment, as natural as it is, as neutral state as possible and continue our observation in dance between in and out, as truthful as possible to ourselves mainly, as that experience is a recognition of Self which is joy, which is freedom.

Broadcasting with big words and making headlines on our Ascension progress only serves momentary, time is now to really root in none perceived reality ( by physical eyes) and open up a New ways, as life herself is us, it flows naturally. It might shape as human categorized disease like Covid-19, or an urge to write, speak, go to a new location, join communities, whatever rise at this moment of our collective ascension, it is important to Notice the Source of everything  within and do not confuse where the Mother Board is.

From 2012, to Birth New Earth blue print and Frequency templates, we all have through as part of One through Human Nova storm, final reboot is taking place in 2021 to make the network of pure light ready for installation Of New Earth Template on physical earth, but unless we really are understand only Now can create, only Now God exist in Body of One and unless heart is fully aware to observe all back door movements of Ego as a player, a performer, as I am a role, I am a doer and even as I love unconditional.

Because the truth is physical will be always a mirror and it has to stop, the world has to stop and not be perceived as duality and projections, to breathe as life is a Universal Self Monologue, and love is the space to hear the magic and beauty of this dialogue.

In coming week  will be few more small chapters on exploring how New Earth templates could birth Light cities, Light Houses, templates of New Geometry Frequency Upgrade on life system on planet Earth into manifestation when we collectively have reached to a stable recognition as mother board frequency, strong enough as a neutral device to hold Divine will in flow into physical reality and complete and no return to any old program of evil/good, Ego system and projection.

This upgrade is our chosen  experience, to feel and be the source in physical form. We chose to be the witnesses of beauty and grace of One, this is not something require much, simplicity and transparency as life, in life, for all.

That all is perfect, all is divine, and bow, body, soul and heart in front of the Creator of All.

New Earth Crystalline Civilization is to live here, in now, as Divine Will and Presence.

It requires no action as such, but full Beingness and full observation at all times, then all unveils as designed and programmed. Our past civilization no longer dictates our future  as human bodies, as now the galactic program is uploading into our body cells, it is a huge shift and will take linear time for newness to become a habit on this planet as pure as a butterfly and surf free as a  timeless existence, in effortless flow , in pure state and dance in no ending of synchronicity, wonders, intimacy with self.

This is the promise of New Earth Human Nova into a New Crystalline Civilization.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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3 thoughts on “New Earth Articles – Human Nova”

  1. This is great work. You are a great messenger. And, you are surely needed to help do what needs to be done: uplife the planet’s and everyone’s vibration. //Daniel
    On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 3:43 AM Seraphim Joy Foundation wrote:
    > Seraphim posted: ” Rebirth of Earth Civilization – Human Nova Chapter one > Our physical reality is a perceived reality, that has been built and shaped > through our human body creation since the beginning of our civilization on > earth. Now, through Collective Ascension and” >

  2. Thank you Daniel for your reflection and commitment to path of truth.
    Appreciate your presence, kindership and abundance of wisdom.

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