Crystalline Civiliation, New Earth

New Earth Timelessness Manifestation -May 2021

Each day, the consciousness circuits through three states.

For human body the deep sleep, dreaming and waking states.

For Collective Ascension,  deep sleep is  ( 3, 4D existence), Dreaming is choiceless awareness  ( light- body Avatar and collaborator) and waking state ( living in present, Oneness of life).

These are stages of self -realisation and the ultimate reality of Divine Presence and Will embodiment. Each human being on earth is on an educational  journey, through many stages and majestic states of  presence, moving from doer state into partial being  and finally the complete Being/observer of the life manifestation, in neutrality and natural flow.

New Earth is life manifestation through collective self -realisation.  It is a space free of concepts and supports unconditional Beingness. When we look through History of old civilization which currently we walk on their remains unaware of  how gradually human species chained to limiting perceptions of mind and ego domination through centuries, how from the beginning of time, humans lost their connectivity with oceanic Source of all. And How, this pendulum between time and timelessness is bringing balance and possibilities, to birth a neutralised Earth and Human Civilization.

Now, through deepening of timelessness into present/time ( waking state), we collectively thinning away all personal identities and mind control systems to bring more neutrality and openness into current of life, and as we all notice, since January 2021, each day is different, frequency in avatar bodies are hugely pointed toward release, accelerate and stabilize.

All neutralised bodies are Spaces available for NEW FREQUENCY Bands to quickly, enter, spin and release, anchor, activate  and link the Blue print of Soul and earth as a magnetic generator which held the space and time and timelessness and divine will flow in A unified UNIT ( light House).

Since March  we have entered into a new LIGHT Design  and ENERGY CIRCUIT, which is feeding the highest frequency of heaven of earth into Earth life system and veins, which is changing the electromagnetic fields in our human bodies to a level that is required to assist the planetary transformation of Earth and future of our Star System.

As individually we arrive to the point of ENLIGHTENMENT, as Ascension Collective, we arrive at Divine Organization / LIGHT COLLABORATORS which form different layers of  Heaven on Earth  LIGHT CIRCUIT, Power points, Light Houses, Galactic Educational and Multidomestic  Centres, so  New Earth template so become fully perceivable and expansion  into Crystalline Civilization move to a faster loop of creation.

May 2021 is an entry gate is a completely New reality! It holds a presence that is unpredictable, untraceable and unmeasured as the Light of Self, which swings between unmanifested and Manifestation. This is not about forcing our beliefs, or dreaming more into New Earth Vision, it is truly the sphere of Higher Vibration reality for  each Soul as well as Collective if there is a group agreement and assignments. It is Shapeless move, dominated by momentary unfolding of truth,  a magical supportive component on New Earth Collective perceived physical reality.

Many loops of repeated physical realities ended in April 2021, the last couple of days feels like, leave everything aside for a moment, do not plan, go back to basic. Step by step. Disengage with outer reality and work with heart centre, listen deeper to voice of One. Remain Empty.

Divine will flows through veins of purity, for the ones that grounded as undivided Self, this is the time of great manifestations. New earth is magic of art making through intention, observation and manifestation.

Emptiness/ light collaborator/ Avatar of New earth = Pure observant without Self -interest = Effortless, Instant  Manifestation through Crystalline Heart.

This is the month that unfolds breath by breath. Our neutrality will neutralise everything and bring it back to its fundamental, natural estate. This is the month that no one knows how it will end. It carries all potentials if one maintains emptiness, openness for new to emerge.

These words are written by a truth walker, with a small suitcase for many years on pilgrimage of heart, the no ending path of dissolvement in One.

Invest and  supply your heart purest energy/intention  for what serves life, and all your truthful dreams will come true as effortless as you breathe.

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