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April 2021 Update, New Earth Templates, Divine will Magnet

Writing this article has been an inner process, to tap into blood and plasma molecules of body, soul New earth blueprint and interconnectivity of Cosmos, life on earth and beyond.

In our collective ascension,  we( micro soul) discover new frequency band and way of being. In present,  every moment is a space potent to hold us into highest alignment to shape and manifest new Timeline which is more crystallized and powerful to keep all frequency components of New Earth Structure.

 It usually takes some matter ( time and space), in back and forth position (Pendulum) for new frequency to stabilize. For human body,  it feels solar waves are coming and physical bodies absorbing new frequencies of light at cell and DNA level, which over time have been fully transformative into neutral space, for flow of divine will and faster acceleration  into higher dimensional reality and physical manifestation.

 On Divine observatory, there is a swing between EXTRACTION of New earth Geometry Design of  pure light vibration,  ( Electromagnetism ) and CONTRACTION anchoring that Frequency ( GRAVITY of New Earth Template). Neutral and purified Avatar that their mind activities at zero and neutral state for some yearly time, are Crystalline Frequency Pins of New Earth, Frequency Geometry maps across the Planet Earth as well as  Divine Transmuter to higher dimensions, and star Systems.

The more stable our Inner Wholeness (Balanced Frequency Bands) become as Collective Consciousness, the smoother vine Organisation New Life System as New Earth Reality come to physical manifestation.

 As result the older timeline quickly falls apart and the energy components recycle back into neutral presence of light/life. We all sensing something has changed, and constantly moving us with more speed into new energy band, cycles of happening, clearing and creating. If we pause and observe, we recognise the presence of the Creator within our hearts in a way that never been felt and experienced, in full power of Light and Love, it is almost hard for our physical bodies to catch up with such a force that currently leading Golden Hearts into creation pause of New Earth Templates.

Some Ascension terms are created  for the sake of point of reference to assist a bit to catch a glimpse of  Divine Organisation and the our planetary restructure, to makes humanity and all life systems of earth  to be established as the highest possible frequency band in physical dimension as Unity Consciousness/ Divine Self.

The truth of Ascension is not what really takes place in our physical reality or even our formless soul/higher self. It is about the happening within Cosmos or if not wrongly understood, Universe/ the Creator is in some sort of Divine Metamorphosis, entire Cosmos are moved in full power for this reform. This motion has put in action in formless estate before even planet Earth be created, for mind to grasp this, accept and open up to observe such a happening while our human bodies are so conditioned and swing between reward and fear mental choices, accepting such a neutrality and living in present is really hard. But if soul fully integrated in and with body, ( Avatar) the codes are already there and that is the reason of collective Awakening

If What we witness here, now, physical  is only a mirror which (Light reflects on a surface), that is the reason of many claims, books, teachings on what is taking place on earth as “ AWAKENING”. In law of Cause and effect, Cosmos upgrade, physical embodiment and soul ascension are all the effects of what put in motion in Nature of God, the Creator, in timeless.

Therefore whatever we experience and witness as AWAKEN in this physical incarnation,  is a  moment of Encounter with VISIBLE Rays,( Creation/ Freedom codes) of Cosmos, as a reflecting part (Effect). The Entire Creation is designed to reflect LIGHT (Divine Will). When we speak of surrendering, it really means to let go of mind and allow the natural radiation process of light through heart centre which is the original program and creation codes written by Monad God. An that is the fastest way for all Collaborators, ( Cosmos, Gaia, Light Avatars) to allow the process of Extraction of electromagnetic frequency of New Earth templates while Avatars, Forerunners, Frequency holders, pins ) across the planet, come to alignment with Divine Will, as GRAVITY of these frequencies, anchoring them in certain locations which in Future of planet and humanity becomes a key connector to other Star systems, light beings.

The LIGHT HOUSE term has been used frequently on our website, now if you are a good observer, you can see, the first waves of Forerunner, advanced Avatars, Architects o New Earth  are solo Light Beings on Earth, which only through their own direct experience with Divine Mother, had dissolved Veils of duality and illusion. They tasks is to Hold The Vision in their head, and as new frequencies hit them first, their process the entire surrendering lower frequencies into recycle and purification, birthing, seeding the Highest Frequency of New Earth Template in that location.

 Then either move to another location or if their Mother ship/ Monad Head is active in that specific land, they l reside there until Return to the Source.

Any awake AVATARS could offer their home as a light house, but the land and house  that these High Voltage of Divine Will Resides are Major LIGHT HOUSE portals across the planet, like a football team, they are Captain and God is the Coach, they feed frequencies, abundance, connectivity to the rest of frequency team, Gaia and 3D humanity, by their presence.

In old Earth life system, they would embody Buddha or some sort of Awake Guru to again assist earth in gradual upgrade. But as the entire life system on earth renewing, they are squeezed consciousness of many old souls and galactic wizards, on this planetary upgrade to bring the New Earth Template in full activation.

From 360 degree, it  looks like a Huge Disk of light, in form of oval, with many layers and energy bands, in spins in sequences,  in four directions. Constantly creates/writes  geometry design/ design with each shift and new possibilities, design changes and when pins of frequencies on earth stabilize a new Higher Frequency, and can hold it through their neutral Mind, no matter what is taking place in their physical/outer reality, they bring that energy band from formless into form, for the rest of awaken souls to feel, understand and arrive.

 This disk is DIVINE WILL MAGNET, GENERATOR of Heaven on Earth Manifestation. This is The mother board for all Awaken Souls, Grid Workers, Gatekeepers, Divine Messengers, Teachers, Master Builders, Earth Keepers, Frequency Holders.

Those old souls, Avatars link as first Pin of Divine Will  are Ministers of Light,  Architects within head of Monad, they placed on Earth, aware of their oneness with Divine Creator. Of course all these terms and roles are not written in stone and in every moment, all can be different. That makes us, Choiceless Awareness, as no body is here.

For our human mind to have no role, no title or identity is impossible, so even calling this light reflection of one, awakening or Collective Ascension is really angling divine will into some sort of human/soul role play, otherwise, there is only One player, creation is a mirror. If we pay attention, we also can see, we also follow the law of reflection in our own perceived reality and spectrum.

When we begin to only observe the inner and outer movements, without sense of separation, divine will flows naturally and all happening follow the original templates which are in place in entire Cosmos geometric design.

For sure a question might rise how as light avatars we  collaborate and participate in divine organization, practically in New Earth Frequency templates stabilization at this time and space.

It is much simpler when the personality is dead, no sense I am this or that, my role is this or that.

it is like a morning sun over water of a still lake, naturally and yet so many details are stored in one reflection. The shape of light wave, the angle, the timing, the surface of lake, the perfect stream of particles to execute one loop/cycle of cause and effect.

 Divine organization is a  completed design, flowing from the source  within Macro Body of One( Cause and effect). Our mental understanding is no use in our light collaboration, what really bounce harmonious in this dance of duality and oneness, is pure love, in worship of love.

The New Earth templates are engineered by divine love and with each impact of Light Waves, we as particles (Consciousness Avatars) are transformed into empty space (Silence particles) so the love/ light waves arrange and evolve us into the more appropriate Design for completion of the Collective Ascension.

We each have the freedom to perceive the reality of life, here and beyond. Inside and outside, Enlightenment is a never ending process in our physical dimension and beyond that, is such a dissolvement that words and concepts has no use, silence becomes the only possible reflection of one.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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  1. Hello Dear Friend, Hoping you are well and safe. Attached is my latest work. You are welcome to passit on. Many blessings to you and your good work. Much love, Daniel

    On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 4:03 AM Seraphim Joy Foundation wrote:

    > Seraphim posted: ” Writing this article has been an inner process, to tap > into blood and plasma molecules of body, soul New earth blueprint and > interconnectivity of Cosmos, life on earth and beyond. In our collective > ascension, we( micro soul) discover new fre” >

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