Seraphim Joy Foundation

We are A Consciousness Hub, in support of Collective Ascension, Awakening by truth walking & joined hearts & hands together to be Here, in Now, to stand as One, collaborate, honor and celebrate UNITY on New Earth.

About Us

Our work

Our work is to harmonize, magnetize and anchor Law of One, be a divine operational system to support light tribes and communities while the entire planet is shifting to complete alignment with Cosmos elevation and transformation. We are sourcing & providing abundance, resources and connectivity through physical  elementals and energetic frequencies. To assembly Light houses, shaping light communities on pure New Earth land, Soul Educational  Institutes and Centres on the planet.

New Earth is UNITY

Become a Lighthouse

You can get involved today by becoming a lighthouse guardian. Sharing your home, offering a resting space to light travelers accross the earth is a sacred step into Unity. Sign up and join us to make our net of light boundless.

Join our Light Hub

You are welcomed! B a light collaborator, Join us in Now. In whatever level feels align and natural to your own unique path of evolution. We are here to assist in our co-creation of New Earth.

Offer Gifts

Offering financial gift, to be shared in Oneness, makes our movement as light bearers possible. Your finacial offerings make our light hub be an active & live net in our collective embodiment of One.

Light Collaboration

What the Voice of One say

Thank you for sharing some of your funds with us. We are all finding our way into this big puzzle game, realizing we don’t have to do it alone. We are in full surrender, trusting the unfolding. I love you.


I was in Netherland, now returned to Germany, staying with my father. My days are long and tiering, clearing the farm and our childhood family wounds. Thank you so much for the gift of 111.



Recent Causes

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Become a Light Collaborator

With the aim of One/Unity Embodiment, we always welcome collaborators. Please contact us for more info.